HoppingNot hopping mad but this morning I woke up much better after a day or so of feeling rotten.  Without taking the unwise step of going outside, or engaging in strenuous aerobic excercise, I did some balancing routines as recommended by my physio.  It’s amazing how much better I have become standing on one leg and hopping sideways!

On another note, the training plan I found on the BHF a website is all to pot and is missing a couple of weeks.  It isn’t 12 weeks to the London Marathon at all, more like 13 starting from yesterday (still not a lot).  In any event I have found an alternative plan which probably suits me better.

A good night’s sleep should get me raring to go again joining the Running club for a few miles tomorrow. (As of Saturday I’ve done just over 100 miles in January so that’s another goal nailed).

Not a well boy!

Not a well boy!When I did my 9 mile run yesterday (including a parkrun), I thought I was rather shattered and found myself wanting to simply wrap up warm and sit down for the rest of the day.  When I felt cold but Helen said I was burning up I knew something was wrong.  I didn’t sleep well overnight and developed some aches and pains which were very uncomfortable. I was still hot and “wobbly” this morning so had to stay in bed while Helen was off to the PECO cross country (as my sister would say: madness)!

I feel much better this evening and it makes me thankful that I have the fitness and health to be able to bounce back from this sort of thing.  I am also old and wise enough to take it easy until I am sure I have shaken this virus (assuming that’s what it is).

Meanwhile, I have taken the trouble to download some training plans from the BHF website to put together a sensible programme for the next 12 weeks.  Did I say 12 weeks?  Crikey!

The Cause

Temple NewsamIf you read my  MarathonMann blog “What a difference a year makes” you will understand what the last 12 months have meant to me, recovering from a heart condition that is curable only with the help of the results of years of research and development.

It’s time to talk about the cause which I am supporting in the London Marathon.  The British Heart Foundation funds research into all kinds of heart decease including heart rhythm problems like mine, and those which can’t yet be treated in the same way.

I am really pleased and grateful that I am able to do things like I did today, run the 4 miles to Temple Newsam, do the 5K parkrun and then run 2 miles to the spa for a sauna and shower.  Without the research that led to the Cardiac Ablation procedure, I would never have been able to do that! (volunteers at Temple Newsam parkrun may recall the time in 2012 when I had to pull out after the first few hundred meters and they kindly looked after me and even gave me a little job so I could be on the volunteer roster!)

Now for the important bit, the link to my JustGiving page which is here.

If you want to read what I wrote from the hospital bed just over a year ago, here are the links to my two blog entires.

Under the knife?