Not a well boy!

Not a well boy!When I did my 9 mile run yesterday (including a parkrun), I thought I was rather shattered and found myself wanting to simply wrap up warm and sit down for the rest of the day.  When I felt cold but Helen said I was burning up I knew something was wrong.  I didn’t sleep well overnight and developed some aches and pains which were very uncomfortable. I was still hot and “wobbly” this morning so had to stay in bed while Helen was off to the PECO cross country (as my sister would say: madness)!

I feel much better this evening and it makes me thankful that I have the fitness and health to be able to bounce back from this sort of thing.  I am also old and wise enough to take it easy until I am sure I have shaken this virus (assuming that’s what it is).

Meanwhile, I have taken the trouble to download some training plans from the BHF website to put together a sensible programme for the next 12 weeks.  Did I say 12 weeks?  Crikey!

Author: MarathonMannUK

Deacon at Rothwell Baptist Church, Retired IT Solutions Architect, Distance Runner with Rothwell Harriers. Expect blogs on all of these themes!

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