imageThe receptionist asked me if I required a wake up call in the morning.  The second receptionist laughed and told her that I would probably be the first person up in the morning, knowing that I often go out for an early morning run.  It’s great to have a positive reputation and it makes you feel good, but how do you get one; what does it take?

The answer of course, is simple: you walk the walk (or in this case, run the run)!  When my alarm went off this morning at 5:00 AM it didn’t feel good.  I looked out of the window to find that in-line with the weather forecast, it was “chucking it down”.  My first reaction was to consider going back to bed for a few hours, after all, what really would be the consequences ?  Then I remembered some of the reasons why I love running first thing in the morning.

  • It gets the job done.  Many people say they don’t have time but by going out before breakfast you make time;
  • It makes you feel brilliant afterwards;
  • There’s no one else about and very little traffic on the roads and
  • I heard some research that it trains your body not to make fat and that in a study, those who excercised first thing didn’t put on weight.

So, needless to say I did go out; a quick 3 mile lap around the Metro Centre and yes, it does feel good.


A home from home?

IMG_0210I am really not a fan of staying nights working away from home, but one of the few benefits is that you can explore new running routes.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve stayed at the Marriot Gateshead but there are some great running routes.  The one I did today takes you along the south bank of the Tyne from the Metro Centre to the Millenium Bridge and then back along the north bank, finally crossing the river again over a road bridge near the Metro Centre.   This route was opened up to me for winter evening running by the discovery of the head torch, a great invention and I think every runner should have one.  Since the untimely demise of my deluxe Silva, I had to resort to the “Dalek” torch again (see yesterday’s blog) which, despite its cheapness, does a pretty good job.

The other benefit of staying so many nights in this hotel is that I’ve managed to save enough reward points to afford some luxury when we stay in London for the marathon – it was meant to be. 


IMG_1408The running club plan was to do some relays that involved a rather dark section on the route.  I therefore donned my new sparkling Silva Trail Runner 2 head torch, which is rather swish and not exactly cheap.  You can understand my horror when the torch just failed to work, completely dead even after being tried with a set of fresh batteries!  How disappointed I was that such a  supposedly high quality product just decided to “conk!”.  Unperturbed, I got out my older (cheaper) head-torch which of course, worked fine.  The only trouble is that it makes me look like a Dalek!

When we got to the running club, it was decided not to do the dark route after all (because it was too dark) and so the torch got left in the car after all that!

We did relays, around a route of around 800M, where you hand over to your partner on alternate laps so each person does 4 laps with a rest in between each.  That is so hard for someone like me, a steady distance runner, but I am told this sort of thing does you the world of good so that’s why you do it!  Thats the great thing of being part of a running club, you get to do things that you wouldn’t do on your own, it stretches you and makes you fitter.

As for the head torch, well it will have to go back.  Presumably Amazon will replace with no quibble, otherwise, well, that would be a blog for another day!