Events dear boy, events!

2016-12-15-05-24-26When asked what politicians most feared, the late Prime Minister, Harold McMillan famously said “Events dear boy, events” and I think this ought to apply to runners as well.

Im doing the Awesome Running Events 100 mile challenge in December and I have set myself the additional challenge of doing 100 miles before Christmas day (#100byChristmas).  Although I have now reached 74 for the month (which ought to make the 100 by Christmas a “slam dunk”), it’s going to be close to the wire.

I have a Peco Cross Country race (around 4 miles) to run on Sunday, so I’m resting on Saturday and Wakefield Distance League (3 miles) on Tuesday so I’m resting on Monday.  I have to get up to travel for work at an obscenely early time on Wednesday so that gives me Thursday, Friday and Saturday to finish the job.  All still doable but like I say, it’s going to be close.

Boxing Day brings on the Chevin Chase, which last year was a) under water and b) the subject of my very first Marathon Mann blog so another milestone!

“I have seen something else under the sun:

The race is not to the swift
    or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise
    or wealth to the brilliant
    or favour to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all.”

Ecclesiastes 9:11 New International Version – UK (NIVUK)

Author: MarathonMannUK

Deacon at Rothwell Baptist Church, Retired IT Solutions Architect, Distance Runner with Rothwell Harriers. Expect blogs on all of these themes!

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