Seeing is believing

The GruffoloYou wouldn’t believe I saw a Gruffalo today!  In the story, Mouse thinks The Gruffalo is an invention of his own imagination until he meets him face to face.  To achieve things in sports like running, you first have to believe you can do it before you see the victory or goal achieved.  When I finally recovered from a virus at the beginning of March, I chose to believe my physio, that I could still get fit for the London Marathon.  Today’s 15 mile run (which included the encounter with The Gruffalo) was tough, buts put me back on target!

After a run I did on Friday which included the Rothwell Country Park hill and yesterday’s Temple Newsam parkrun (a veritable hill fest), I chose to go flat!  From Metley along the south side of the canal for about 3 miles to then circumnavigate Skelton Lake.  It is a bit too isolated for comfort to be honest; the burned out car along one of the tracks says it all and some cleaning up and landscaping would not go a miss.  There are some planned new developments in the area which might make it more accessible.

Skelton Lake


I then returned along the canal to St Aidan’s (stunning) and along The Lanes in Allerton Bywater, then back to Methley.

Although I was shattered, the important thing is that I did it and still believe I can be ready for London in 4 weeks time.

Today is Easter Sunday and there is plenty in the Easter story about belief.   St Thomas was one man who refused to beleive that Jesus had came back to life until he saw him.  When he did see Him…

“Then Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.’”  ‭‭John‬ ‭20:29‬ ‭NIVUK‬‬


Author: MarathonMannUK

Deacon at Rothwell Baptist Church, Retired IT Solutions Architect, Distance Runner with Rothwell Harriers. Expect blogs on all of these themes!

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