Catch-up mode

Rodillian club houseWell, I’m back! After an enforced absense of just over a week (Mann flu), I ventured out with the Rodillian Runners for a timed mile.  The timed mile wasn’t brilliant but I did a total of 3 1/2 miles and I feel pretty good so nothing lost.  This is my first run in February in which I aim to do at least 100 miles (another medal awaits).  I’m not panicking though since simply by following my pre-planned training schedule I get there easily with some days to spare.

We also had the annual running club AGM tonight and it was a reminder of all the great things we have going for us in our little club.  I was humbled by being chosen as the Men’s Captain and so I do hope I can live up to expectations in that role.



Awesome MedalIt’s only Sunday since I last ran but it seems like forever!  The only saving grace (if you can call it that), is I don’t feel like running, I just want to get better!

One thing that cheered me up today was that the medal I won for doing 100 miles in January arrived.  “How did I get one of those?” you ask.  Awesome Running Events is organising a whole series of these virtual challenges and for a modest entry fee of £10 you get a medal for your trouble. The January medal is really nice and great quality so well done to Tony, the organiser.  There are 100 mile events for February and March but I have plenty to motivate myself in these months – the Snake Lane 10 and Spen 20 to name just two.

I do hope I get back to training soon but I won’t do anything stupid.  All the running I did over last weekend was a struggle and I now know it was the onset of this virus.  I’ll get back to it when I feel my best.