New year, new me

2016-01-04 17.49.46Today, like me, millions of people will return to work following the Christmas and New Year break.  Again, like me, millions (or at least 100’s of thousands), will make a visit to the gym either on the way to or from work.  However, If you think there is a note of sarcasm in the title of this article you may well be right;  I have no short-term New Year resolution to make-up for an over-indulgence at Christmas (because I didn’t over-indulge) or a need to turn-around from a couch potato (which I’m not) into an exercise freak.  Anyone who knows me or follows my blogging, FaceBook or Twitter will know that I don’t need a New Year (or anything else for that matter) to motivate me to get outside and pound the streets (not even Janathon).

What I am doing (and this is new) is to get to the gym to get some strength exercises in as advised by my physio.

It’s so tempting to just go out for a run every day, but there lies ruin.  If I’m to get to London in a fit state, I need to avoid injuries as a pre-requisite to getting the miles in.  So my excercise of the day was to do some sensible strength-building work (see links below) and do 10 or-so lengths of swimming, which is such a brilliant work-out while avoiding pressure on those joints.

Helpful  exercise videos:

How to clean your trainers

2016-01-03 14.12.37
Before you’ve done it, the idea of running in the rain, particularly if its cold and windy, sounds a bit horrible. As most seasoned runners know though, running in the rain can be quite fun and to keep up marathon training, necessary. Setting out in the rain is the hardest bit, when you are warmed up you soon get used to it and the fact that it’s raining is soon forgotten.

My problem today was that it was quite cold and windy, coupled with the fact I have done two demanding runs in last two days.  To be honest I struggled and was glad to be back in the warm.

Running in the rain is far more fun in the summer when its nice and warm and considerably less windy.

Therefore, I have decided to give running a break for a few days and do something gentle in the gym instead; I really don’t want to over-do it so early in my marathon training programme.  Maybe I can sit down and work out the programme!

On the positive side though, I now have clean trainers!

Run 3 january

Pontefract without the rain

2016-01-02 09.42.41
Last year as I was building up my mileage I first sprained my hamstring and then my quads.  This took months out of my training programme; it was time to start listening to the physo!

Last month I ran over 120 miles and avoided injury, today I managed to run a respectable time at Pontefract parkrun following the double yesterday.  This made me reflect on what I need to do to keep out of trouble as I again try and build mileage in training for the Marathon.

Stretching after exercise, warming up properly and a regime of strength exercises have all been prescribed by my very excellent physio and so far so good but I will not be running every day.  On my non-running days, the plan is to run through my strength exercise programme at the gym.

As for Pontefract parkrun today, it was brilliantly organised by Rothwell Harriers who took over for the morning.  The promised rain didn’t turn up until the run was over and it was a great morning to have a run.