The Right Balance

At the gym againSometimes you pay a professional to tell you the blindingly obvious but it’s worth it because often you just need to be told.  This week I was reminded of the obvious but also given an insight that I really would not have found out on my own.

First, the obvious.  If you are doing more miles your are putting your body under a good deal of stress, this means it’s even more important not to over-do it.  The physio suggested that I reduce the number of running days in a week from 5 to 4, hence I found myself in the gym this morning carrying his next suggestion (rather than pounding the streets at 5 AM which I would otherwise have done).

It appears that my sense of balance needs some work; if I stand on one leg, look to the right, then to the left, it’s really hard to stay balanced.  What’s even more difficult for me is the “lateral hop” where you are supposed to hop sideways and retain your balance.  What he suggested is that I spend time practicing these excercises because if I get better at balancing my running will use up less energy and put less strain in my limbs.

My weekend long run is 15 miles and I am told that’s a good place to be at this point in my training.  Getting the right balance between training and rest together with working on my physical balancing skills may be what I need to make the difference.  I don’t need to run particularly fast to beat my marathon PB, I just need to keep up an even steady pace for the 26.2 miles.

The West Wing

IMG_0223Away from home again tonight and a 10 mile run along the Tyne. It was very beautiful along the riverside near the lit-up bridges this evening and the still waters made for crystal clear reflections. As for the run, I felt good and it was the fastest 10 mile training run I’ve done so far since I’ve “been back” (1:28:37). All I need to do is keep that pace up for 26.2 miles and I have my marathon PB cracked.

My physio says that I ought to cut down the number of days running as my mileage increases so tomorrow morning I’ll be heading for the hotel gym (there’s quite a good one hear at the Marriott Metro Centre).

So what’s the West Wing all about? Our new Newcastle office is based in the west wing of the building, hence the sign on the door. It just seemed a good backdrop for today’s selfie! (That’s all).



2016-01-19 20.43.42I know what you’re thinking: this picture is taken in a pub! You’d be right, but let me explain.  Every month, our club has a competitive training session, called the Distance League, which is always rounded off with presentations and refreshments in a local pub.  This evening we all did a couple of laps around Wrenthorpe totalling about 2.75 miles, the 5th event of the season.  For reasons that I won’t go into now, we didn’t end up in a pub in Wrenthorpe, but in “The College” which is in central Wakefield and always offers us a really warm welcome.

One of the things we did this evening was award trophies for our two Club Champions for 2015, Adam and Jenny.   It was a special evening for Jenny since this was the first time she had won a trophy in any sport and it really was well deserved!

Earlier in the day I visited my physio at Coach House, Leeds for a general check-up, massage and advice about how to stay out of trouble injury-wise during my marathon training.   On the way out you can imagine the surprise when I saw another champion, none other than Jonathan Brownlee waiting in reception.  It was a rather surreal moment when Jonny had to go and find out if it was Alistair’s car blocking mine in the car park.  The best thing was that he did have some words of encouragement regarding my marathon training which was truly awesome!